Titanfall: Expedition Welcomes You to the Jungle

“Titanfall: Expedition,” the first of three downloadable content packs for the smash hit shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment, drops into battle on Xbox One today.

The “Expedition” DLC pack introduces three new maps – a mix of swamps, hidden industrial plants, and a virtual battlefield – as the IMC Forces travel to uncharted new  territories. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

: Massive trees that dwarf redwoods grow out of the marshy wetlands. Skilled pilots can wall-jump their way through trees, and Titans will have to get up-close and dirty in the narrow, mazelike arena.

: An industrial sewage treatment plant that features multiple levels and corridors, as well as an underground drainage system that forces pilots to learn the intricacies of the field.

: Using simulation pods akin to the one seen in the “Titanfall” training sequence, IMC Pilots can maintain their combat edge and prepare for Militia attacks. Long, transparent wall-running paths and a centralized corridor require players to master new movement strategies in this visually striking virtual base arena.

This is just the first of three planned “Titanfall” content packs, and Respawn Entertainment has promised even more content for the Titans. “Titanfall: Expedition” is available for $9.99, and the Season Pass for all three DLC packs runs a cool $24.99. Grab it today, and get ready to kick even more robo-behind!