Thoughts on E3 2014

As we wrap up this E3, I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts on the week. It’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year and this E3 was incredibly special. We saw amazing games from innovative creators, developed for Xbox, Sony and Nintendo. Some people have asked who “won” this week and the answer is simple – the gamers. It’s wonderful to see our industry healthy and delivering what we all want – great games.

Thank you to all who watched our briefing, visited us at the booth, or read about the great games coming to Xbox One. The team worked very hard to create a show worthy of Xbox exclusives like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Fable Legends and Ori and the Blind Forest as well as the pipeline of creative independent titles coming through ID@Xbox and blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Evolve and Rise of the Tomb Raider. In many ways, our entire presence at E3 was built to showcase the incredible lineup of games coming to Xbox this year. With nine exclusive titles, and exclusive content for many more games, we believe Xbox One will be the best place to play this holiday.  You can see the full list of titles here.

As we look ahead, our team is laser focused on delivering the best line-up of exclusive games and continuously working to deliver new features and improvements to Xbox One. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Check out Xbox Feedback. It is a new tool that allows you to suggest ideas for Xbox and vote on ideas submitted by others. It’s been really exciting to see over 169,000 votes on the site since it launched earlier this week. As I said at our briefing, Xbox One is being built by you and we are better for it. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

We’re just getting started on the road to the holidays and look forward to continuing to deliver more games, more product improvements and more entertainment in the coming months.