Four New [email protected] Games Coming to Xbox One This Week

Xbox One owners are in for a treat – four awesome new [email protected] games are available now or coming out this week! With a variety of gameplay, there’s something for everyone to keep busy with right now.

Check out what you can play on Xbox One this week.

“RBI Baseball” (Available now)
Summer is definitely baseball season, so get your nostalgia fix with some old-school baseball action. Embodying the feeling of ‘90s baseball games, “RBI Baseball” is a light alternative to the more hardcore baseball sims of this generation.

“Zombie Driver” (Available now)
It’s just you, your car, and a city full of zombies in “Zombie Driver.” Complete the vehicular combat, rescue survivors, and let off some steam on the hundreds of shambling pedestrians just asking to get run over, or shot, or blown up.

“Another World” (Wednesday, June 25)
A fast-paced, side-scrolling combat platformer, “Another World” is actually a remastering of a 16-bit classic – and now you can relive the iconic sci-fi adventure with new visuals and sound. Whether it’s your first time, or you consider “Another World” a fond memory, you’ll want to check this one out.

“Contrast” (Thursday, June 26)
This is the story of Didi, a girl with an imaginary friend who can jump through shadows. “Contrast” uses light and shadows to create its challenging puzzles, as your characters jump between the two planes. Lots of puzzles, a noir-style atmosphere, and some innovative gameplay combine to make “Contrast” a must-have.

More [email protected] games are coming out soon, from dozens of talented independent developers. Keep checking Xbox Wire for the latest news on more great games!