Video For PAX Attendees Get Sneak Peek at ID@Xbox’s Awesome New Lineup

PAX Attendees Get Sneak Peek at [email protected]’s Awesome New Lineup

PAX Prime in Seattle is one of the biggest video game fan events in the world, and Xbox was there showing off some of the exciting upcoming games for Xbox One. But with all of the amazing upcoming [email protected] games in the works, there was too much awesomeness for one convention to hold.

So, Xbox commandeered the
Sunset Overdrive bus to bring enthusiastic gamers to the Microsoft campus, for a special session with over 25 upcoming [email protected] games. There, players got to try out new and upcoming games, and chat with some of the creators. The event felt more like a party with your friends: casual, relaxed, and fueled by pizza. It was a more intimate way for gamers to demo new titles, and provided a rare opportunity for developers to get direct feedback from fans.

Players grabbed a sword for
Volgarr the Viking, a hardcore dungeon-action game, inspired by classic games like Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. Down the aisle was SpeedRunners, an all-out, fast-paced competitive platforming racing game where you try to leap, dash, and grapple your way past the competition. And across the way, players could team up for puzzle-platformer Chariot, a very adorable and colorful game that happens to be largely about dealing with death.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The event featured everything from pinball games, to math puzzles, to sci-fi shooters, to a ‘70s-film-inspired Greek mythology adventure (yeah,
Funk of Titans – that really exists, and it’s awesome). No matter what style of game you’re into, there’s an [email protected] title that not only fills your particular hankering, but also brings in new and innovative ideas. Keep your eyes here – and on your Xbox One – for all the awesome [email protected] titles that are coming your way soon, including Warframe launching on Xbox One today!