Forza Horizon 2 Car Reveal – Check Out the Week Seven Cars

The penultimate week of car announcements for Forza Horizon 2 is here, and it’s a big one. As we near completing the unveil of the final list of 200 cars available for Forza Horizon 2 on day one, this week we turn our attention to cars and trucks that were built specifically for performance, all of which have been built from the ground up for Xbox One. The Ram Runner is as close to a trophy truck as you will get, the Ferrari GTO begs to be cruised, and, when you are talking American Muscle, the Camaro SS walks the walk like few others can.

As you can see, these rides are not lacking any ability to deliver the thrill of speed on the roads of Forza Horizon 2 upon its release on September 30.

2013 Ram Runner

The Ram Runner is much more than a dress-up kit for your Dodge Ram; it’s a tested and proven pre-runner set-up. It was developed with Baja-racer and KORE Performance owner Kent Kroeker. Hood scoops and a bed-mounted spare tire give it an aggressive look, but the real transformation happens in the suspension. Rugged upper and lower control arms provide a wider stance and improve the off-road capabilities, making the Ram Runner ready to take whatever the fields and canyons can dish out. With beefy Fox 3-inch internal bypass shocks in the front and a 5-link coil rear suspension, the Ram Runner has 14 inches of suspension travel and steep approach and departure angles. Wider off-road front and rear fenders ensure plenty of wheel travel and the space for the right tire and wheel combination. So, if you are an off-roader and a Mopar fan, the Ram Runner is ready and waiting to take on whatever you can throw at it, then come back begging for more.

1984 Ferrari GTO

Unofficially referred to as the “288 GTO” (the 288 stands for “2.8 liters, 8 cylinders”), the GTO resurrects a storied name from Ferrari’s past for a new breed of supercar, one that led directly to hypercars like the Enzo years later. Intended to be the homologation spearhead for a FISA Group B race entry (making the “
omologato” part of “GTO” appropriate), the cancellation of that series led to just 272 GTOs ultimately hitting the road. Bad for race fans, good for collectors. Regardless of its lack of racing pedigree, the GTO is competition-bred, with features like an integral roll hoop and a quick-change rear subframe for easy stage-side maintenance. In a mid-longitudinal position is a twin-turbocharged V8 making 400 horsepower, developed with Ferrari’s F1 experience. A few echoes of the old GTOs made it past the business-only agenda of the GTO, like the rear cooling slits that recall the fender slits of the original GTO.

2012 Jaguar XKR-S

As one of Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful series production car to date, the XKR-S is no poseur. Its aggressive and sleek lines are straight out of the jungle, yet not without grace. The super-charged 5.0-liter V8 brings 550 horsepower to the table and 502 foot-pounds of torque to keep you slammed back in your seat. That’s enough juice to make the XKR-S Jaguar’s first full production car to become a member of the elite 186 mph (300kmh) and higher club. Keeping all this power grounded and sticky is an adaptive damping and stability control system with unique programming and revised rear-suspension geometry. Inside are plenty of leather and all the high quality accoutrements you would expect. The XKR-S strays from Jaguar’s typical design approach, but that’s part of its appeal. Try it for yourself and see if you agree.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe

After two years of strong sales and success in racing, the first facelift for the original Camaro gave the F-body a sleeker and more hard-edged look. Mechanically-speaking, most of the drivetrain and other components were carried over from the previous model years. Only with the 1969 model year can you find this package of looks and American muscle car performance. In addition to almost entirely redesigned sheet-metal and an aggressive new grill, front-disc brakes were available for the first time ever. In its SS dress, a solid 300hp are available to your right foot. The Camaro also accommodates upgrading nicely and can easily become a go-to car for any hot rod battles that come your way. The 1969 Camaro SS represents a not-forgotten era when this pony car found its way into the hearts of Bow Tie fans all over America.

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