All the Ways to Kill your Enemies in Destiny… Without a Gun

The variety of guns in Destiny is ridiculous, providing more ways to fill an enemy with bullets than you could ever realistically need (but, hey, we’ll take it!). But here’s the thing: Guns are just one way you can destroy foes in Destiny. Check out these other awesome ways to bring the pain.

Grenades: Think Fast!

Aside from your trusty gun, every class in Destiny comes with a variety of grenades. There are some traditional grenades and incendiary grenades, and even sticky grenades. But that’s just scratching the surface; many of the grenades in Destiny are far beyond the normal scope of handheld explosives.

The Voidwalker subclass comes with a Vortex grenade, which does what you might expect: It creates a big energy tornado that pulls in nearby enemies, damaging everyone caught up in it.

The swarm grenade – a specialty of the Gunslinger subclass – sends out a burst of drones that hone in on enemies, and unload. Your co-op buddy can follow up with a lightning grenade, sticking it to any surface and watching as everyone in the room gets zapped with 10,000 volts!
Use Your Fists
Melee means a lot more in Destiny than simply cracking someone’s skull open with the butt of your rifle. Each subclass has its own unique melee move.

For the traditionalist, the Striker subclass lets you punch bad guys right in the face, while the Bladedancer can slice and dice his foes with his blade. For those that prefer more style, the Gunslinger comes with a handy throwing knife… which can of course be upgraded to deal incendiary damage. Ouch!

Speaking of burning, Scorch – the go-to move for the Sunsinger subclass – toasts enemies with a blast of fire. And finally, the Defender’s Disintegrate move does exactly what it says it’s going to do, and gives you a shield boost in the process.
Super Abilities

Not every subclass’ super ability in Destiny can destroy foes. Some subclasses, like the Sunsinger and Defender, have support abilities. But for most players, your super ability will be a devastating force that wrecks fools.

The Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb move is one of the standout ways to turn enemies into dust. Hurl a bolt of void energy, and it explodes in a blast that disintegrates any unfortunate souls caught in its radius.

Arc Blade charges the Bladedancer’s sword with Arc Light, letting you obliterate enemies around you with the awesome might of a lightning charged super death sword. Or, if you’re more into the bombastic approach, the Striker’s Fist of Havoc might be more to your taste. Punch the ground, and send everyone nearby blasting back with deadly force.
Run ‘em Down

Destiny features a number of vehicles you can hop into that will not only let you traverse the planets faster, but can also be used for some vehicular alien-slaughter.

The first time you jump into a Sparrow, you’re going to want to just run into every idiot who gets in your way. Go for it! Skidding around a turn and wasting one of the Fallen is a special kind of satisfying.
But if you like your rides beefier, Destiny features two larger assault vehicles. The Interceptor is a hefty, cannon-firing all-terrain vehicle with a wicked boost. Try boosting into a turret or a group of enemies, and watch them fly.
Still not big enough? Fine – hop into the Goliath, a big ol’ tank that does all the things you’d want from a tank, including running over everyone who is dumb enough to stand in front of it.
Destiny is about you making your own story and saving the universe your way. Pick up your copy today for Xbox One or Xbox 360, and discover your own favorite ways to put evil alien marauders in their place.