Red Bull Brings Live Adrenaline Rush to Xbox 360 with Fierce Biking Competition

On Sunday, Sept. 28, expect the unexpected to unfold live with Red Bull Rampage on Xbox 360 in the U.S. Available through the Red Bull TV app, Red Bull Rampage draws mountain bikers to Virgin, Utah to compete and test all around bike skills in a fierce competition.

Red Bull Rampage began in 2001 as a challenge to mountain bikers to prove who had the best freeride skills across natural terrain. In 2008, Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution brought the event to a new location and took athletes and the sport to new heights, generating not just champions, but moments that became legend.

The feats that have taken place on these series of cliffs outside of Virgin, Utah have catapulted athletes into the record books. In 2014, in the spirit of progression and always moving forward, the event is going in a new direction – literally – off the back cliffs of the previous course. Often the fodder for speculation on what mysterious ridges lay in the shadows, now the whole world will find out what happens when the best 40 mountain bikers in the world traverse this never-before-used course.

Looking for an adrenaline rush before the live event? Check out the free Red Bull TV app for other Red Bull Rampage content on Xbox 360, including full event coverage from 2012 and 2013, and a wide selection of the best mountain biking videos on the planet.