The 5 Must-have Marvel Super Heroes in Disney Infinity

Picking a favorite figure among the 16 that have launched alongside the all-new Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360) is a task on par with squeezing the Hulk into a pair of skinny jeans. So, rather than selecting just one must-have Marvel icon, we chose five – still no easy feat.

After fighting Frost Giants, Symbiote-infected foes, and Sakaaran soldiers from behind the likes of Thor, Spider-Man, Star-Lord – and all their Play Set-compatible pals – we’ve decided that the following quintet of crime-fighters are the coolest… so far.

Captain America
While zipping around Marvel’s Manhattan as air-catching characters such as Iron Man and Spidey is an absolute blast, the star-spangled Avenger is our go-to do-gooder when it comes time to clean up the Big Apple’s crime-choked streets. Whether ricocheting his shield off multiple evildoers from afar or giving a single, up-close foe a face full of patriotic pain, his combat abilities are unmatched.

After playing through the Spider-Man Play Set with the webslinger and his spandex-clad crew, we thought we’d give Venom a go. Turns out, it really is good to be bad. On top of rivaling the speed, strength, and web-based powers of Spidey, the Symbiote-fueled foe sports a special move that sends out an army of infected tendrils to do his dirty work.

Don’t let Groot’s lack of guns and gear fool you; from crushing melee moves to devastating ranged attacks, his lethal limbs pack as much power as any shiny, S.H.I.E.L.D.-engineered gadget. While all his attacks are, er, rooted in his ability to use his branches creatively, our favorite sees them snake beneath the surface before popping up to surprise a target.

As lethal with her blade as she is accurate with her pistol, this assassin-turned-Guardian gets our vote for most versatile on the battlefield. Coupled with her unmatched athletic ability and speed, Gamora’s ranged and up-close skills allow her to pepper baddies from afar with projectiles, before rushing in to finish the job.

Rocket Raccoon
The fan-favorite Guardian of the Galaxy begins with just a single gun, but quickly ramps up to become a pint-sized weapon of dual-wielding destruction. His two hand-cannons benefit from a variety of slick upgrades, but the coolest way to unleash the pair is from atop Groot’s shoulders – seriously, it’s worth recruiting a co-op player to form this two-Guardian turret!

Having sunk dozens of hours into Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes with each of its 16 figures, we’re confident in saying that there isn’t a single one we wouldn’t want by our side on the front lines. Thanks to the game’s overhauled combat and new skill trees, the characters not only look and feel like their comic book counterparts, they can also be personalized and progressed to fit particular play styles. Still, if you’re on a budget or simply unsure of which ones to add to your collection first, we suggest starting with the aforementioned five. See you in the Toy Box!