Doctor Who Arrives Today on Minecraft for Xbox 360

Video forDoctor Who Arrives Today on Minecraft for Xbox 360

As announced last month, characters from the hit BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who are now available for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. This first skin pack offers a wide selection of some of the most-loved and most-feared characters in the series’ 50-year history, such as:

The First Doctor
The Fourth Doctor
The Sixth Doctor
The Ninth Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor
The Twelfth Doctor
The War Doctor
Clara Oswald
Rory Williams
Weeping Angel

This is just a sample of the full roster, and will take Minecraft and Doctor Who fans on terrific and tie-clad adventures in whatever imaginative worlds they’ve created. The skin pack is available now for $2.99/€2.85/£1.99, and we’ll have more to share on Doctor Who in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition soon.