How to Snag the Best Achievements in Project Spark

Project Spark may be a free digital download, but that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any of those sweet, sweet Achievements. This game is going to make you work for them, but don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on how you can make the most out of Project Spark, and boost that Gamerscore in the process.

Right out the gate, let’s start with the two toughest ones in the bunch:

Crossroads Souls (10G) – Beat Crossroads Adventure without taking damage.
Unstoppable: Crossroads (10G) – Complete Crossroads five times without dying.
For both of these Achievements, you’re going to want to max your character up to level 20. We recommend Scarlett the Ranger, who can destroy enemies at a distance and use a distracting decoy. Also consider the downloadable character Avalon the Druid. Her healing powers can turn the tables on your enemies. Make sure you set the game to easy (unless you really want this Achievement to be hard!), and place your Boss Arena as close to your village as possible. Don’t let any extra goblins or zombies wander in and make your life harder.

There are a number of tier-based collections Achievements in
Project Spark, culminating in:

Fortune and Glory (25G) – Collect 5,000 Coins in Crossroads
Not to worry: You can make this a lot easier on yourself. First off, choose a river setting and put down as many bridges as possible, so you can reap a lot of coins. When you save up 10, use a blue object and choose the wishing well diversion. Choosing Gift of Wealth and a cash reward will help you scoop up max cash.

Not all the Achievements in
Project Spark will test your skills and patience. Here are a few you can snag to rack up some quick Gamerscore boosts:

Ninjas? (5G) – Tint all clothing pieces black.
You can change your character’s clothing in pretty much whatever way you want. An all-black look will earn you 5G, and make you look all dark and brooding.

Whose line is it? (5G) –
Edit your own Crossroads dialogue.
When speaking to a non-player character in your Crossroads game, hit RB to edit the text to whatever you want. Boom: Achievement for making that dude say something dumb about his butt, or quote lines from your favorite Will Ferrell comedy!

Project Spark
also features downloadable content, and it comes with additional Achievements. If you want to use Avalon for Champions Quest, you’ll also get the chance to snag this sweet cheevo:

Blast from the past (25G) – Complete Avalon’s Wellspring in Champions Quest: Void Storm
When you play Champions Quest Episode 1, level 1-5 as Avalon, you’ll get the opportunity to access a hidden area behind a waterfall. After defeating the enemies and triggering the Wellspring, you’ll earn yourself a sweet 25 Gamerscore.

There are a ton of Achievements to earn in
Project Spark – some from playing the Champion Quests, and some from making your own games. We bet you guys will create awesome ways to earn these Achievements quickly, and we can’t wait to see you sharing those levels with other players. Project Spark launched October 7 on Xbox One and Windows 8.1.