Video For Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer and “Week of Explosions” Ignite the Awesomepocalypse

Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer and “Week of Explosions” Ignite the Awesomepocalypse

BOOM. Are you ready? The Awesomepocalypse is nigh and the mutant-infested open world of Sunset Overdrive is almost here, with hyper-agility, over-the-top weaponry and factions to boot.

Xbox and Insomniac Games invite you to dive in deep with a launch trailer that was released today, giving fans a final sneak peek at the game that rewrites the rules of traditional shooters and delivers an explosive, irreverent, stylish, and totally unique adventure exclusively to Xbox One starting Oct. 28:

Eager to whet your appetite with more explosive
Sunset Overdrive videos? Stop, drop and scroll down for a video and full details on the “Week of Explosions” kicking off today.

Xbox and YouTube Stars Celebrate Launch with “Week of Explosions”

Have you ever seen a crazy explosion in a video game and thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to see that in real life?”

Well, Xbox and Insomniac Games fans, daydream no longer. The Xbox marketing team drank a little too much Overcharge Delirium XT, and are teaming up with Discovery Digital Networks’
SourceFed, SourceFedNERD, RatedRR and The Vloggity to launch “Week of Explosions”: a series of videos featuring your favorite YouTube stars exploding a variety of real-life objects inspired by Sunset Overdrive, from cans of Overcharge to TNTeddies to a massive Fizzie parade balloon or a full-size Mutant Transportation Vehicle filled with terrifying mutants. Check out the first one here:

The best part? You get to choose what you’d like to see blown up for the grand finale of “Week of Explosions” on Oct. 28. Just go to and tell us your pick (#BlowUpFizzie or #BlowUpMutants). The first 100,000 fans who vote will receive a limited edition in-game outfit:

Granny’s Revenge outfit: What’s in the basket, Red Riding Hood? Oh, a fire-spewing shotgun? I think you’ll make it to Granny’s just fine. This ain’t no fairy tale – this is Sunset Overdrive. So, slap on this outfit and trek into those woods.

Follow along all week as we make stuff go “boom” with regular video updates on YouTube:

Here’s the full schedule for “Week of Explosions”:

Tuesday, Oct. 21: “SourceFedPLAYS… with Explosions!” – a special target practice competition with exploding cans of Overcharge, featuring RatedRR’s Richard Ryan and SourceFed hosts Sam, Matt and Joe.
Wednesday, Oct. 22: “Boom Cloud” – Richard and the top two finalists from the shoot-off rig up some Det Cord to create a real-life mushroom cloud explosion that spells “BOOM,” just like the game.
Sunday, Oct. 26: “Teddy Bear Rain” – the remaining two hosts face off in a head-to-head shoot-off, this time targeting explosive TNTeddies. The first person to hit all five targets will trigger the explosion of a giant pile of TNTeddies – and give a whole new meaning to “make it rain.”
Tuesday, Oct. 28: “Grand Finale Explosion” – which unfortunate object will meet its spectacularly explosive demise – the Fizzie parade balloon or the Mutant Transportation Vehicle? Tune in to RatedRR to find out…

What are you waiting for? Head over to and start voting!

Oh, and lest we forget to mention…please don’t try this at home! Your doctor probably won’t be very happy…