The Best of Project Spark (So Far!)

Project Spark has captured the imaginations of gamers and creative minds everywhere, so it’s no surprise that the game has already generated some of the coolest, deepest, most interesting mods and custom levels anywhere. We wanted to share some of the very best with you, and they’re pretty impressive given the short time the game has been out. Keep in mind that any or all of these can be downloaded, completely free, to play on your existing copy of Project Spark for Xbox One or Windows 8, right now.


Creator: LostKauz

So far, the coolest example we’ve seen yet of an entirely new, full-game experience on
Project Spark is LostKauz’s “Full.Red” module. In order to create a complete game, you’ve got to do more than just use Project Spark’s toolset well – you’ve got to have a clear vision, an idea of what will make the game fun and challenging, and the determination to follow that through. Clearly, LostKauz had those elements in spades, as this challenging sidescroller exemplifies some of the many awesome worlds and details within worlds that you can create with Project Spark.

Can you survive this fiendishly challenging 2D sidescroller (which, incidentally, has some great visual style)? This full game experience includes a complete intro, tutorial, and end-game sequence.

Orbit 32 – Void Origins
Creator: Wertandrew2

One of the best things about creating in
Project Spark is that people can leverage the existing mythos and lore (as well as the many toolsets and tiles) to create new takes and unique perspectives on what’s already in the game. Custom tutorials are one way to do that, and this mod is a fantastic example of a merger between the creator’s original imaginings and the existing Project Spark mechanics and mythologies.

Trapping you in a derelict space station where things have gone horribly wrong, Orbit 32 takes advantage of the newly release Sci-fi Galaxies theme to provide a fan-made expansion of the
Project Spark lore.

Take the Blue One
Creator: Ralme

This original Project Spark creation has gone through many iterations as the creator continues to add and improve the experience. The seemingly simply board game with original and easy-to-understand mechanics provides a surprising level of gameplay depth to keep you returning for more. Give it a try and see if you’re up to the intellectual challenge, and keep checking back for further updates from star creator Ralme.

Karasu -tutorial stage- 2D ACT
Creator: Shadow Gate64

Train to be a Master Ninja as you run, jump, and assassinate your way through one of the most amazing gameplay tutorial levels seen in
Project Spark to date. Creating a good tutorial can be even tougher than creating the rest of the game, so we appreciate one that teaches us well. But that’s only the beginning in this slick-looking adventure…

The Necromagical Pumpkin Patrol
Creator: Charlotti

Champions, the hero avatars built into
Project Spark, can be placed in any world of your imagining or design. In “The Necromagical Pumpkin Patrol,” the Champions are given a challenge of exploration – and overcoming some spookiness – to reach the end of the adventure. Since each Champion in Project Spark has different attributes and abilities (not to mention a unique look), proper design of modules for Champions requires a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. Creator Charlotti has done a fantastic job of integrating the Champions into this custom, Halloween-themed level. What lurks in the darkness? Grab your free copy of Project Spark today, and discover it for yourself!

You can play any of these games for free by downloading the
Project Spark core experience. Or be sure to pick up the Project Spark Starter Pack is stores to get the core game and other great stuff, including the champion Haakon, the sci-fi add-ons, an adventure built by Team Dakota, and a ton of other content that you can use to make your own masterpieces.