The Forza Motorsport Experience Coming to the Nation’s Premier Car Museum

One of the greatest automobile museums in the world is getting a Forza Motorsport makeover – and it promises to be the greatest car museum you’ve ever seen.

The Petersen, a Los Angeles landmark since 1994, houses more than 300 historically relevant cars and motorcycles, including everything from vintage vehicles from the dawn of automobiles, to famous cars used in some of your favorite Hollywood blockbusters. The museum is shutting down for a year for a massive remodel, and when it reopens,
Forza Motorsport will be a major part of it.

When the site reopens in 2015, it will also feature the
Forza Motorsport Experience. This integrated exhibit will focus on the influence of video games on car culture, and vice versa. You can plan on seeing simulators and gaming stations, along with some very immersive visuals.

The news was announced at the gala dinner late last month that was attended by a few lucky members of the Forza community, Forza representatives, as well as racing personality Tommy Kendall and Forza Ambassador Tanner Foust.

The Petersen Museum – with the Forza Motorsport Experience – is set to re-open in fall 2015. Learn more about the massive remodel efforts in
this video from the Peterson Automotive Museum.