Five Reasons We’re Loving Dragon Age: Inquisition So Far

The five-year culmination of the Dragon Age trilogy is finally upon us with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it’s bringing the role-playing action in spades. If the notion of fighting dragons and other creatures of evil in this console generation’s first giant role-playing game doesn’t already have your blood pumping, here are five things that just might change that.

Continuity is King

For the most part, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II were standalone stories, but the events in Dragon Age: Inquisition take those games’ plots (and your actions in them) to their conclusions. If you’ve been playing the entire series, you’ll come face-to-face with both returning characters, and the consequences of your actions.

It’s Freaking HUGE

We’ve marveled at the enormous world of Dragon Age: Inquisition before, but it’s hard to really grasp how huge it is until you play for yourself. A single region in Inquisition is as big as the entire map in Origins. You’ll be 60, 80, or even 100 hours in, and will still be finding new places to explore!

Freddie Prinze, Jr. Plays a Giant Bull Guy, and it’s Awesome

Iron Bull is one of the nine playable party members featured in Dragon Age: Inquisition. And while they are all awesome and unique snowflakes, we love the fact that one of them is that guy who gave Rachel Leigh Cook a makeover in “She’s All That.”

The Combat Is Adaptable to Your Needs

You’ll be doing a lot of hiking and exploration during your time with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and that means meeting a whole ton of enemies. Between the ability to auto-attack, the easily mapped spells and abilities, and the team commands, you have a lot of options for fending off foes.

You Can Jump!

We know, that sounds small – but it’s new to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Because of the more massive worlds and areas to explore, there’s a lot more verticality to everything. You can climb mountains and explore caves and crevasses, and there are a lot of goodies and treasures to find that reward a healthy sense of exploration. Or, if it’s your usual MO in RPGs, you can just bunny-hop around the entire world.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for Xbox One. If you’re new to the series, head over to to brush up on the story and customize your character’s path.