The Halo Channel: A New Way to Experience Halo

Launched alongside Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Halo Channel is an interactive, entertaining and illuminating place for fans of, and newcomers to the Halo universe – extending and enriching the stories, characters and community that comprise the Halo Nation. The Halo Channel takes full advantage of the rich media and seamless app integration of the Xbox One. 343 Industries’ has built a single, elegant and interactive destination for anyone who’s curious about, or already deeply invested in its Halo’s lore and legends.

Original Content

Halo Channel is the only place to experience exclusive content like the “Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary” documentary, and spectacular original entertainment, like “Halo: Nightfall.” Executive produced by Ridley Scott, this live-action episodic series not only unravels an original, universe-expanding tale, but also introduces characters that will figure prominently in Halo 5: Guardians. And fans can look forward to entertaining and exciting future programming that expands upon the rich Halo universe and of course the games and gameplay at its core.

Interactive Content

Original programming like “Halo: Nightfall”
is designed to bring fans into the Halo experience with interactive features. For example, Second Stories provide deeper perspective on the dynamics, beliefs, and personalities that exist within the main cast of “Halo: Nightfall.” They branch directly off moments within the main narrative to color the viewing experience and foreshadow important plot points. Just as important is integration with Halo games, including in-game rewards for viewing content on the Halo Channel and the ability to jump in and out of Halo games directly from the hub.

Deep Lore and Legend

As interactive as it is immersive, the
Halo encyclopedia – which can be seamlessly accessed while enjoying the Halo Channel content – allows fans to dive deep into every nook and cranny of the series’ sprawling, sci-fi universe; filled with extensive info on characters, vehicles, weapons, and environments, this content-crammed corner of the Halo Channel is a fascinating, illuminating and addicting place to explore your favorite universe.

Sharing and Spectating

Supported by robust Twitch integration, the
Halo Channel is the ultimate destination for stream spectators. Gathering all the most popular and innovative Halo streams in one place, the channel makes it easy to select from different types of games, whether you’re looking to cheer on the pros or just watch your pals blow each other up. Immersion-amping features, such as live scoreboards, further enhance the eSports-spectating action.

Social Integration

is more fun with friends, and thanks to socially-focused features – such as intuitive Twitter and Twitch integration – the Halo Channel makes connecting with the larger community as easy as taking down an unlucky Grunt. Whether swapping Covenant-crushing strategies, commenting on favorite content, or polling your pals on their preferred loadouts, the conversation’s just a click away.

The Future

Just as Halo Waypoint has been and will continue to be an ever-evolving platform that puts the player community first, the
Halo Channel is packed with potential to tell new stories, introduce fresh features, and deliver exciting and exclusive content to support our favorite franchise. With Halo 5: Guardians on the horizon – and its multiplayer beta beginning in just a few short weeks – you can expect the Halo Channel to hold more surprises than “The Silent Cartographer.”