Video For Four Activities We’re Loving in Destiny: The Dark Below

Four Activities We’re Loving in Destiny: The Dark Below

Just in time for an early Christmas digital stocking stuffer, Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, comes packed with new content for both the hardcore and more casual players. But why choose this piece of downloadable content above all others? Now that we’ve spent some time with it, we can share some of our favorite in-game activities.

Moving On Up to Max Level
Yeah, it’s Light Level 32, as opposed to Light Level 30 sans expansion. You might think that doesn’t sound like much – but there are new weapons, armor, and gear that are tied to that “32” number, as well as the additional prestige and abilities that come with it. If you think it’ll be easy to get to Light Level 32, though, think again. The Dark Below features new enemies, and new co-op and player-versus-player challenges before you can get there.

Raiding Against a Scary New Enemy
For the more hardcore players, The Dark Below offers an entirely new raid – this one facing down the Hive god Crota, an all-new foe. Structured with more puzzle-solving and environmental challenges in mind, along with plenty of new, tougher enemies, this raid requires six stalwarts to get the job done. So, grab your closest buddies (or the ones with really good gear) and get to it.

Mastering the New Crucible Maps
Some other series might make you pay full price for just some new maps, so it’s nice that The Dark Below comes with a ton of other content as well. Still, the new Crucible maps are a major draw, since they give you some new areas in which to beat the crap out of other Destiny players with all the new gear you’ve acquired doing the raids, strikes, and story missions.

Learning More About the Destiny Universe
And speaking of those story missions, The Dark Below introduces Eris, a new character – who, in turn, introduces Crota, a dangerous God that the Hive is trying to summon, in an effort to end the human resistance once and for all. Eris comes with her own set of quests and plenty of explanatory dialogue, but it’s the new loot you’ll earn while completing her tasks that is the real draw. And you’ll need it, if you mean to take on the new Strikes and the expansive new Raid.

So there you have it, a slew of good reasons to check out this new content if you’re a Destiny fan – and a great reason to get into the game if you’ve never tried it before. Stick this under your virtual Christmas tree, and you’re guaranteed to get some smiling gamer faces!