Kalimba Stacks up the Challenge on Xbox One Today

Kalimba, the latest game from Press Play (the team behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood), launches on Xbox One today!

Designed as a challenging platformer with both single and cooperative action,
Kalimba takes players into the three worlds on the island of Kalimba. The players’ quest to reclaim Kalimba from an evil shaman for the Kalimbi people spans multiple levels portrayed in a distinct “trixelated” graphical style.

Each player commands a pair of animated totems in order to craft clever ways to overcome hazards—both environmental and villainous. Discovering how to use the variety of powers and attributes in conjunction with one another is crucial to the player’s survival.

The synchronicity of gameplay isn’t
Kalimba’s only unique feature—original art design along with the trixelated art style provides each character and setting a memorable look and identity to balance their unique twists. Kalimba adds another twist to the traditional leaderboard concept: As they progress, players scale a totem pole that evolves in an increasingly ornate manner based on scores for each stage, and results in creating a living embodiment of a leaderboard.

Describing his hopes for the game,
Kalimba Creative Director Asger Strandby told us that, “The ambition was to create something that would evoke the same joy as my brother and I had when playing games together as kids. In a way it was just simple fun, but really it was actually two people connecting on a deep level. So working with my brother (Bo Strandby) as lead game designer was optimal in so many ways.”

is now available on Xbox One for $9.99 through the Xbox Games Store (prices may vary by region). Check out our press page for more information or assets.