Inside the Many Multiplayer Modes of Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline is a cops-versus-robbers first-person shooter that extends EA’s beloved military-themed series to an urban locale. Developed by Dead Space developer Visceral Games – in partnership with Battlefield series creator DICE – Hardline features a single-player campaign set on the mean streets of Miami. Amidst the city’s violent drug trade, you try to take out one of its largest enterprises. And, as with any Battlefield game worth its salt, Hardline also features a full-fledged multiplayer mode.

And there’s plenty of effort being put into making it feel unique and innovative. Take, for instance, one of the game’s new multiplayer modes, called Hotwire. It’s something of a cross between
Battlefield and EA’s own Need for Speed; Hotwire sticks the cops into super-fast cars (and trucks, and motorcycles) as they attempt to stop criminals from stealing marked vehicles. The mode’s emphasis is on driving skills, teamwork, and high-velocity vehicles creates a decidedly different cadence than Battlefield players might be used to.

Meanwhile, the Heist mode has the criminal team planting bombs on trucks, grabbing some loot, and hightailing it to an escape point elsewhere in the level. The cops’ job here is to prevent that from happening, by killing the robbers and resetting dropped loot until the timer runs out. To help both sides accomplish their respective goals, bases begin equipped with motorbikes, cars, and armored trucks – and the map offers limited access to helicopters for both sides. And in the Crosshair mode, a former-criminal-turned-state’s-witness is on the run from his former crew. The criminals are trying to erase the VIP’s face from the world, while the cops are trying to extract him safely.

Another new mode, Rescue, challenges five cops to rescue a hostage from five robbers, with an emphasis on planning as well as execution. Waltzing in with guns blazing simply isn’t going to get the job done; players will need to think of entrance and exit strategies, as well as a backup plan for when things go haywire. Be careful though: There are no second chances in this mode. One death, and you’re out for the remained of the match!

Battlefield Hardline
’s Xbox One open beta is currently ongoing until February 8, so jump in and check out some of these awesome new multiplayer mode ahead of its March 17 launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360!