Sunset Overdrive Gets You Right in the Feels with New 175 Point D’awwwchievement

Let’s face it, boxes of chocolate, bouquets of flowers and lavish dinners only get you so far on Valentine’s Day. The truest form of affection and love is actually embedding Easter Eggs of your four-year old daughter’s drawings within a critically acclaimed game that you’ve always wanted to make. Since that’s off the table for most of us – we’re releasing a brand new achievement today that adds 175 points to your gamerscore that commemorates and celebrates the fatherly love and bond between Sunset Overdrive Game Director Drew Murray and his daughter Ainsley.

In order to earn the 175 point “D’awwwwww” Achievement and unlock a custom outfit inspired by Ainsley, players must find 12 one-of-a-kind drawings by Ainsley and interacting with each one (pressing “Y” when prompted). We’re also making it super easy for you to earn this new achievement and outfit by showing all the locations by region in these handy dandy “how-to-find” videos and in the map that may be found here so there’s really no reason to not jump on the bandwagon and earn that pink tutu you’ve always wanted to wear.

With the February update, fans can now visit
Sunset Overdrive’s official Xbox Game Hub and follow the game for weekly news updates on coming attractions! This week, the Game Hub will post videos on all the locations for the “D’awwwwww” Achievement.

And if you have already found all of Ainsley’s drawings and unlocked her outfit (you go you go-getter you), you’ll still add 175 points retroactively to your gamerscore.

Still haven’t jumped into the beautiful world of
Sunset Overdrive which IGN has hailed as “a hell of a lot of fun”? Sunset Overdrive is available at select retailers including Microsoft stores and the Xbox Store.