State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

On April 28th, State of Decay will become available on store shelves for the very first time. While State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition will also be available digitally on the Xbox Store, Microsoft and Undead Labs wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, your knife is your weapon of last resort. You carry it with you everywhere, it remains in your inventory no matter which character you play, and it’ll never break. As potentially the only thing standing in between you and death at the hands (and mouths) of an undead horde, a little extra attention to your knife seems in order.

For that reason, we’ve worked with select retailers in the U.S. to offer the following unique pre-order bonus in-game content:

    • GameStop will get “The Avalonian” – A true work of art, taken off the body of a fantasy enthusiast whose excitement at having real zombies to stab with his enchanted dagger was tragically short-lived.
    • Amazon will get “The Android” – A next-generation box cutter infused with the best that modern technology has to offer. Ergonomic grip, perfectly-angled blade, and an edge that never wears out.
    • Best Buy will get “The Australian” – Now that’s a knife! Intimidate crocodiles and street punks alike with this replica knife, straight from the wilds of Hollywood.

For pre-order details in other regions, please check with your local retailer. We’re also offering a host of other State of Decay goodies for old and new fans alike. 

    • If you bought the original State of Decay on either Xbox 360 or PC, enjoy a 33 percent discount (that’s $10 off) when you purchase State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition via the Xbox Store or Steam.
    • Previous owners ALSO gain access to an exclusive new character named Gurubani Kaur. She comes equipped for the zombie apocalypse with two unique swords and a special, permanently-suppressed rifle.
    • Regardless of whether you’re a returning fan or a new player, early purchasers via digital or retail can grab a limited Day One edition that includes the “Prepper’s Pack.” This bundle of exclusive content includes an SKS Survivor firearm, a Folding Axe melee weapon, and a Prepper-friendly SUV.

From Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios, thank you to all of our dedicated fans!