[email protected] Spotlight: LA Cops Brings ‘70s Funk into the Finesse Shooter World

Someone’s taken hostages at the donut shop! And you know what that means: a lot of angry cops. So grab your .44 magnum, wrangle up a partner, and don’t let your cranky Captain down in LA Cops, a top-down, 3D shoot-em-up for Xbox One that rewards fantastic style as much as it does quick reflexes.

Action is the name of the game, here, as – despite what its title might make you think – these cops are shoot-first, ask-questions-later types. In this adventure drawn from classic 1970s character tropes, you’ll choose a pair of gumshoes to control… and then you’ll be let loose in a variety of different locations, with a variety of different goals. While you can sneak up and arrest suspects if you’d like, the game is much harder this way – and, let’s be honest, those bums had a hot lead sandwich coming their way, anyhow.

One thing that differentiates
LA Cops from some of the other finesse shooters out there is its leveling system. As you progress through the game, you’ll earn stat upgrades for playing well, and these can make all the difference as you hit the later, tougher stages. Beyond stats, though, you’ll also need to make good use of both cops that you bring with you. While you can only control one at a time, you can position them strategically around the map to create choke points or ambushes – and these are critical to taking down larger (or more slippery) groups of bad guys.

Between missions, you’ll be treated to plenty of hilarious, period-appropriate dialogue in
LA Cops’ cut-scenes. Getting chewed out by your Captain for causing too much destruction is just par for the course for our heroes. Whether in-game or in the cut-scenes, though, LA Cops will impress you with its brightly colored, in-your-face art style. Whether it’s in the donut shop or the art museum, the game’s visual look never gets old.

Make no mistake, though: As easy as this game is on the eyes,
LA Cops is a challenge from start to finish. You will need to prepare your reflexes, spatial awareness, and manual dexterity if you want to see the final stage. So, slap on your aviator sunglasses, grow out your mustache, and make sure your Afro is looking fly; LA Cops is out now on Xbox One, and you don’t want to be left holding the bag.