9 Amazing Moments from Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline, the Battlefield franchise’s take on cops-and-robbers, has finally arrived in the hands of fans everywhere. And already, they’re showing off some impressive, educational, and positively insane moments thanks to Xbox One’s Upload Studio. Here are nine of our favorites.

Frag Out
Here, B1G SWEETZ shows us the power of the frag grenade with a devastating triple-kill. Note how the prey is distracted by gunfire before the grenade goes off. Masterful!


Couch Potat-ow!
The Battlefield franchise has always been about manning combat vehicles. But ItsFlexMcDuely proves that it doesn’t need armor to be a combat vehicle!


Hide and Go Boom
Battlefield Hardline’s environmental damage model offers some great opportunities. For example, BelievelInlGabe is able to take out a hiding enemy by blasting a hole through drywall.


It’s in the Game
A huge game lineup like EA’s offers lots of opportunities for crossovers. In this single-player clip, Rawrasaurusism sneaks up on a bad guy… who’s playing Dead Space


Down and Down
It’s pretty great when games make you feel like an action hero. At least, that’s how we assume HimalCheese felt after capping this unsuspecting fool while in the process of landing a ‘chute.


Timing is Everything
Battlefield Hardline’s “levolution” feature allows for dramatic changes to impact the map. Here, Burgahtti shows us one example: blowing up a train car to collapse a bridge. And then driving under it. While it’s collapsing.


Hit the Deck
Want to know how realistic Hardline’s vehicle models are? Watch bloodly moto dive prone to avoid an oncoming truck.


MacGyver It
A zipline gun isn’t meant as an offensive weapon. But that doesn’t stop BOOOOTIEE SWEAT, who pulls off a sweet headshot and creates a quick route to the next building.


Next Time, Duck
There are fewer things more satisfying than running over an enemy with a heavy vehicle. But DeanSupreme uk definitely found one: running over an enemy with a helicopter.


Looking to make memories of your own? Battlefield Hardline is available now on Xbox One and Xbox 360.