ID@Xbox Spotlight: Goat Simulator Brings Crazy Destructive Nonsense to Xbox

Goat Simulator took the Internet by storm last year with its bizarre, destructive, open-world nonsense. And soon, you’ll be able to have all the crazy goat adventures you can handle on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

For those of you who have never experienced the madness and joy of
Goat Simulator, it goes like this: You play as a goat, running around the city, crashing into everything, blowing stuff up, dragging vehicles and people around with your tongue, and generally causing a ton of mayhem. It’s all the best parts of an open-world crime game, combined with the combo mechanics of a skateboarding game, and given a surrealist coat of paint thanks to the fact that you’re a freaking goat who sometimes has a jet pack.

We love
Goat Simulator because it’s one of those cathartic game experiences. Running around headbutting people and sending them flying across the street is rad. It gets better when they hit a gas station, and the explosion sends you rocketing through a house. The chaos chains together in a physics-driven kaleidoscope of funny mayhem.

Getting our hands on the Xbox One version of the game was a lot of fun.
Goat Simulator is a game best enjoyed as a group, and getting to bring it to our living room – where we can pass the controller around and take turns destroying everything – feels so right.

Goat Simulator
is nonsense, and pointless, and damn if it isn’t so much fun. More than that, it’s a tool for creating hilarious videos and sharing them with each other, something that works perfectly with Upload on Xbox One. Get ready for a ton of crazy goat videos, coming soon via ID@Xbox!