Don’t Just Survive – Thrive in State of Decay to Earn All-New Achievements

When State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition makes its way to Xbox One and PC at the end of this month, it’ll come equipped with greatly improved visuals, new weapons, a new character, all existing DLC, and a number of other of enhancements. On Xbox One, the game will also be packing a slew of new Achievements, with 1500 Gamerscore up for grabs.

To give you a head start on your road to that 1500, here are some of the all-new Achievements and what you’ll need to accomplish to earn them:

State of Decay

  • Get Over Here (20G), invited a community member to follow you
  • Serial Monogamist (30G), invited a community member to follow you 10 times
  • Rule #2 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Shooting skill
  • Rule #18 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Fighting skill
  • Rule #31 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Wits skill
  • Apples and Beans (20G), fixed delicious snacks five times
  • Powder and Primer (20G), crafted ammunition five times
  • Watch the World Burn (30G), killed 25 zombies with incendiary shotguns

*Plus two hidden Achievements worth a total of 50 G

State of Decay: Breakdown

  • The Friend (10G), reached Breakdown Level two
  • The Convict (15G), reached Breakdown Level three
  • The Gunner (20G), reached Breakdown Level four
  • The Veteran (25G), reached Breakdown Level five
  • The Scholar (10G), completed All Research Projects at Breakdown Level one or Higher
  • The Phoenix (10G), burned 100 Zombies with Fire at Breakdown Level two or Higher
  • The Fighter (10G), destroyed five Ferals at Breakdown Level three or Higher
  • The Sniper (10G), earned 25 Headshot Streaks at Breakdown Level four or Higher

State of Decay: Lifeline

  • The Doctor (15G), brought Thomas Horn to the Landing Zone, at least
  • The Surgeon (15G), successfully extracted Julene Horn
  • The Bureaucrat (15G), successfully extracted Michele Martin
  • The Examiner (15G), successfully extracted Timothy Hall
  • The Scion (15G), successfully extracted Hadley Westen
  • The Colleague (15G), successfully extracted Dan Bogatz
  • The Protégée (15G), successfully extracted Madison Grant
  • The Operator (15G), brought Eldridge to Black Friday, but he won’t leave 

Undead Labs revealed the full list today on its website, find it here.

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition will be offering up monthly timed challenges, unlockable either by individuals or the community at large. These aren’t just for bragging rights; successfully completing a challenge will unlock a secret item in the game. *Then* you can brag. Here’s a hint for the first one: Cars can be very effective weapons. Use them.

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition
arrives on Xbox One and PC on April 28th. Don’t forget- returning State of Decay players save 33 percent when purchasing through the Xbox Games Store till June 30, 2015.