2015 NFL Draft on Xbox One Puts You On the Clock

Don’t worry, football fans, the offseason is almost over and the NFL Draft is here. Tomorrow’s stars will be introduced to the fans of their new teams today and Xbox One is bringing you more ways to enjoy the NFL Draft than ever before.

From Thursday, April 30 to Saturday, May 2, all Xbox Live members will be able to stream NFL Network’s live coverage of the draft through the NFL app on Xbox One. Want to play a game or stream a movie but still be in the know? You can snap the draft tracker and get instant updates on the picks. When your favorite team is on the clock, you can switch right back to the live experience to see who they pick.

The NFL Draft on Xbox One experience is also more interactive and personalized than ever. With the new live polling feature, you can showcase your NFL Draft knowledge and participate in community polls to see if other NFL fans share your opinions. You can also check out your favorite team’s needs, their picks, and video highlights in the My Team section.

If you have a favorite player in the NFL Draft or want to be your own producer, there is no easier way to choose the highlights and analysis you want to watch, when you want to watch it.  You can easily access all of the content and features with the new Xbox Draft Command Center, making it easier to stay in the know on the best screen in your house.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the all-new Xbox Path to the Draft. You can follow the journeys of the top NFL prospects so you are prepared for the NFL Draft and ready to find the next rookie sensation for your fantasy football lineup. Xbox One helps NFL fans stay ahead of the curve.

Remember, don’t wait until the NFL Draft starts to fire up the NFL app, as you can set your favorite team to get all of the latest news. Or, if you haven’t already, download the app now to get all the great NFL Draft coverage, then come back for continued updates all throughout the preseason. With so many ways to watch the draft, Xbox One is putting you On The Clock. Take your pick.