Disney Infinity 3.0 Puts the Power of the Force at Your Fingertips

This holiday season, Disney, Pixar, and Marvel are back with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, which brings the “Star Wars” saga home for hours of multiplayer adventures, just in time for the theatrical release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Yes, it’s the latest installment of everyone’s favorite toy-powered video game. For the uninitiated: You can purchase a huge assortment of figures from across Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm’s beloved properties – and they can then be transferred into the game utilizing a special reader attachment. A wide range of themed adventure Play Sets are on offer, allowing hours of action-packed exploration and fun.

Disney Infinity 3.0 ups the ante with those Play Sets, too. When the Starter Pack launches for Xbox One and Xbox 360 (at a suggested retail price of $64.99), you’ll also be able to purchase two all-new “Star Wars” Play Sets set in the classic Episode I-III and Episode IV-VI timelines. A Play Set based on Pixar’s upcoming film “Inside Out” is also on deck, as well as an “Avengers: Age of Ultron”-inspired Play Set featuring Hulkbuster Iron Man and the titular villain Ultron. A fifth Play Set is due to be announced this summer, for a December release (if we might grossly mix our Disney universes for a moment: Our Force-sense is definitely tingling).

This edition will also debut the 3-D Toy Box Hub, which makes it easy to choose from a wide selection of gameplay experiences, including platforming, racing, and nurturing. The Toy Box features two multiplayer games – the action-themed “Villain Takeover,” and the “Speedway” kart racer – which bring all of your favorite characters together to battle it out. Who would win in a battle between Darth Vader vs. Iron Man? You decide!

And, not to worry: All of your existing Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 figures are compatible with this new version. If this is your first time jumping into the action, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack includes everything you need to start playing, including a figure base, the “Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic Play Set,” and Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker character figures.

We’ll definitely be bringing you more information on Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition as we get closer to June’s E3 video game trade show, but hopefully this is enough to get you excited about the next wave of awesome, universe-melding Infinity stuff. Just remember: With great power comes great responsibility, and the Force is with you. Heigh-ho!