5 Reasons We’re Still Loving Destiny

With this week’s release of Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, Bungie’s massively multiplayer online shooter has even more content to lure us back into the fight against the Darkness. Check out some of the reasons we’re just as enthralled with Destiny as ever.

The Story Continues
While the previous expansion, The Dark Below, focused on the Hive and their god Crota, House of Wolves is all about the Awoken and Fallen. Told through two perspectives, it’s a story about mutinies and a queen’s treasure, lending itself to bounty missions that take you all over the map. We really like the two narrators and their differing perspectives. It rounds out even more of the narrative and mythos of the world, in a way we haven’t seen before.

The Crucible Gets Real
The Crucible is fun, and a nice change of pace from the Destiny single-player and co-op modes, and it’s even better now that House of Wolves has dropped. The new update to Destiny (free to everyone) doubles the amount of Marks and Reputation players earn in the Crucible, and adds a ton of more loot drops – including Motes of Light and Legendary equipment. There are even new daily rewards just for playing The Crucible!

New Ways to Kill Each Other
House of Wolves adds even more player-versus-player content to Destiny in the form of three new Crucible maps, a new Crucible mode, and an entirely new PvP mode, “Trials of Osiris,” – the most challenging and most rewarding mode in the game. Playing the Elimination rounds in “Trials of Osiris” takes a massive amount of skill (and two trustworthy teammates), but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Rare Gear Keeps Us Addicted
House of Wolves offers the ability to upgrade weapons and gear to level 34. On top of that, new Exotic gear and weapons are available for all classes. Plus, “Trials of Osiris” offers its own unique gear to earn as you push toward 34, and it’s pretty slick. Whether you’re upgrading your existing stuff or going for the new gear, you now have plenty of opportunity to get stronger.

Prison of Elders Brings a New Endgame Experience
Prison of Elders is a wave-based arena mode that players who complete House of Wolves can jump into. Escaped criminals come in waves, challenging groups of Guardians to take them down in succession. You’ll have to complete objectives while you’re trying to survive… so strap in for a major challenge.

There’s still a ton to do in Destiny, and with the new modes and tweaked features, it might be time to try out one of the modes you don’t play as often. Bungie has added a lot of new content that will challenge even the most skilled Guardians. So grab your Ghost, and get to the Reef!