Welcome to MajorNelson.com 4.0

As the title says, welcome to the new MajorNelson.com.

Same great taste, but now with a brand new look and a completely new back end.

I launched this blog in May of 2004 – so I figured after 11 years it was time for a major redesign…right? When I launched this site “blogging” was not a main stream term, and the concept was pretty new. Over the years we’ve gone through different platforms, providers etc…but my goal and commitment has always been the same:

To make sure you have the most accurate and timely Xbox gaming news and information  straight from the source. No drama, no click bait…just straight to the point information.

I wanted you to be able to visit my site and in a few minutes get caught up on the all the latest (and accurate) Xbox gaming news and information.

A couple of things you’ll notice about the update

  • A new design that I hope you’ll like.
  • Better use of your screen real estate to show more content.
  • The site is now properly optimised for most screens….big or small (yes, this means FINALLY a mobile friendly version.)
  • A ton of little touches that you’ll notice as you navigate through the site.

I know what you are probably saying “But Major, isn’t E3 just a few days away?!” It is, but I did not want to wait. I am so excited about the new design I said let’s ship it…now.

There may be a few things that may not work properly so feel free to leave file a bug in the comments below (be sure to include repro steps!) or hit me up on Twitter.

Thanks for all your support and bearing with me as we work through the growing pains of a new design.

On to E3!


Edit: We’ve already made quite a few changes based on feedback and stuff that you just don’t notice until you launch. We’re going to continue to tweak as we go along. The team is watching comments below, so if I don’t reply that does not mean your comment was not heard!

Thanks for helping make the site better.
Edit 2: We made a lot of updates/changes today..much of it based on the feedback. We’re far from done, but here is a look at some of the changes we have already made:

  • Added the hand/pointer on homepage posts to show what’s expandable in the loop.
  • Addressed the gradient style issues in Safari (and mobile safari).
  • Removed the collapse interaction on the homepage, which should hopefully reduce confusion.
  • Shortened up the fade on the condensed homepage posts by 50 pixels Added some additional visual separation for speedbumps.
  • Fixed Live now overflow issue on mobile
  • Rather than make the green gradient only appear on the homepage, make it appear anywhere there’s a green bar on the page, such as https://majornelson.com/2015/, but not on https://majornelson.com/2015/06/11/welcome-to-majornelson-com-4-0/ so hopefully the green gradient is more consistently displayed throughout the site.
  • Fixed issues with Wire and Twitter ICYMI disappearing from the page Added in correct Facebook and Twitter share numbers on each post