Video For Gigantic Goes Big on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Gigantic Goes Big on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Whether you’re into shooters, action-role-playing games, or hardcore multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, Motiga’s Gigantic has something you’ll love – and some seriously satisfying strategic depth. In this free-to-play shooter MOBA, coming exclusively to Windows 10 and Xbox One, heroes battle alongside a massive Guardian in a five-on-five fight for supremacy. Gigantic tests teamwork, tactics, and timing as players confront a five-story foe and conquer a fantasy battlefield.

Gigantic’s third-person perspective puts the emphasis on movement and action: Players leap, dodge, and sprint across the battlefield, then unleash a devastating combo… before scurrying to cover as the enemy team’s Guardian draws near. These five-story mythical monsters fight at each team’s side, resurrecting fallen players when they fall in battle. Capture points across the map to empower your Guardian, sending it on devastating rampages to reshape the battlefield and open up new tactical opportunities.

And there are plenty of heroes to choose from, too, including elusive snipers, powerful spellcasters, and heavy-metal juggernauts. No matter what kind of games you dig, you’ll find something familiar – and something new – in each of Gigantic’s hero units. As heroes fight, they level up and improve their skills, with a flexible upgrade system that lets you build the character that fits your style. Combine a hero’s skills with the power of a naga, griffin, or another Guardian to dominate the battle.

But always remember that survival in Gigantic requires teamwork: Player powers interlock and supplement each other, providing tactical flexibility. Summon unique creatures with special powers to seize key points and assist your team; snipe from overlooks; sneak through tunnels; guard key choke points. The battle is coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One. Are you ready?