Video For Six Tips for Being Awesome at Batman: Arkham Knight

Six Tips for Being Awesome at Batman: Arkham Knight

If you’ve jumped into Batman: Arkham Knight (which released on Xbox One last week!), you might have noticed that it can get pretty tough at times. The villains of Gotham are not going easy on Batman! But fear not, aspiring caped crusaders: We’ve got some tips and strategies to help you on your quest for justice.

1) Upgrade Yourself with Side Quests
WayneTech points are the currency for upgrading Batman, and the best way to earn them is through side quests. The good news is that the side quests in Arkham Knight are compelling and exciting, so you’ll be glad you played them. The upgrade points are just icing on the gritty, crime-filled cake!

2) Meet Your Best Friend, Dodge
Arkham Knight features bigger, more intense battles than ever before, and they can sometimes get pretty hectic. Remember that double-tapping the jump button performs Batman’s dodge move – which not only avoids attacks, but also keeps your combo meter going, which is crucial for taking down multiple enemies quickly. If you ever find yourself getting ganged up on, dodge until you can find an opening to attack.

3) Enemies Adapt… So Mix It Up
Batman has a lot of tools in that utility belt of his. So use them! Enemies will get wise to your attacks and strategies if you use them repeatedly. If you notice they’re starting to adapt, switch it up and use a different gadget or move, to keep foes on their toes.

4) Oh Hey, My Ride Is Here
The Batmobile, Batman’s sweet car/tank/best bro, is always a mere button press away in Arkham Knight. This is especially useful when groups of thugs are blocking your way on the streets of Gotham, and you don’t have the time to deal with them. Mow them down, or just blaze on by; you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

5) Plan Your Upgrades Carefully
You can upgrade nearly everything in Batman: Arkham Knight. From all the various Bat-gadgets to the Batmobile’s considerable arsenal, there are a ton of options. If you find yourself having trouble with certain parts of the game, consider upgrading areas that help you. You’ll particularly want to upgrade the Batmobile, as you’re required to use it for solving puzzles and navigating areas throughout the game… and you’ll need the extra firepower.

6) Beware – and Stay Aware – of Environmental Hazards
Heavier enemies like the Brutes can be a pain, especially when there’s more than one to deal with. One of the new features in Arkham Knight is the expanded number of environmental attacks. Lure enemies near a blue glowing object, like an electrical box, then use it to take them out in one swift blow.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now for Xbox One. With these tips, you’ll have no problem being the Batman and saving Gotham City from the Scarecrow’s latest shenanigans.