World of Tanks is Now Available for Pre-Download on Xbox One

Content: World of Tanks
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Game Description: Take command of history’s most powerful tanks and experience the intensity of tank combat on console like never before. World of Tanks is cross-play enabled so you can voice chat and coordinate with your teammates and compete against players worldwide across both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. World of Tanks is free to download on Xbox Live, providing unlimited gameplay for Xbox Live Gold members and a 7-day trial for Xbox Live account holders.

Pre-download Bundle (FREE): Show your enthusiasm for World of Tanks by grabbing a free T1E6-X1 unique U.S. light tank with Xbox One Founder Emblem. It’s only available BEFORE the release of World of Tanks for Xbox One. Download now to claim your tank and be ready for battle on July 28!

Pre-order the Vanguard Pack: Bundle features the rare AMX Chaffee French light tank, special Xbox One Founder Emblem, 100% Trained Crew, 36 Prf. 1930 Shells, 8 Frt.Prf. 1944 Shells, 1 Garage Slot, 7 Days of Premium and player-selectable AMX Chaffee Ace Operation.

Pre-order the Assault Pack: Bundle Includes the rare prototype T95E2 tank, Xbox One Founder Emblem, 30 Days of Premium Account, and player selectable T95E2 Ace Operation.

Pre-order the Battalion Pack: Bundle comes with Xbox One Founder Emblem on included tanks, American Tier III MTLS-1G14, American Tier VIII T95E2, French Tier VI F224 AMX Chaffee, 500,000 Silver, 30 Days of Premium Account, Player selectable Operations (Op MTLS Ace, Op T95E2 Ace and Op AMX Chaffee Ace).

Pre-Download World of Tanks for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Website: World of Tanks
Twitter: @WoTXbox