gamescom 2015: DVR for Over-the-Air TV Coming to Xbox One

Today, onstage at gamescom, we unveiled one of the most requested live TV features on Xbox Feedback: DVR for Over-the-Air TV, which lets you record live over-the-air TV, schedule recordings and take your shows on-the-go.

Ever since we introduced the Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One in the U.S. and Canada and the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in 16 European countries and Australia, you’ve been enjoying free over-the-air TV channels. Many of you have also streamed over-the-air TV to other devices within your home using the Xbox app on Windows 10 devices or the Xbox One SmartGlass app on WindowsWindows PhoneiOS and Android, even while someone else is using Xbox One.

With DVR for Over-the-Air TV, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite TV shows, movies or sporting events when you want to play a game or need to step out. Once your Xbox One is set up for over-the-air TV*, it’s as easy as plugging a USB hard drive into your Xbox One console and recording your content. And by recording content to an external drive, there’s no impact on your gameplay activities or ability to save to the console.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top new features, including how to record live over-the-air TV, schedule recordings and take your shows with you on-the-go:

Watch Recorded Shows on Mobile Devices: From your Xbox One, you can stream recorded TV shows to other devices, either via the Xbox app on Windows 10, or through Xbox SmartGlass for iOS and Android. Even better, you can also download shows to your Windows 10 phone, PC or tablet so you can watch them on an airplane, on a bus – really anywhere – even without an internet connection.

Schedule Recordings On-The-Go:
You can schedule recordings from OneGuide on your Xbox One console, the Xbox app on Windows 10 devices or with Xbox SmartGlass on iOS and Android devices. You can also add, review and edit your scheduled recordings from your PC, tablet or phone while you are away from home with ease.

DVR Collections: The amount of TV you can record and save is limited only by the size of the hard drive that you plug into your Xbox One. There are no time limits or other constraints, so you can DVR something and save it forever, enabling you to build an amazing collection of your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events.

We’re looking forward to bringing you this feature as a subscription-free service in 2016.* Stay tuned for more.

*After purchasing the necessary hardware, there are no monthly service fees for OneGuide or over-the-air DVR services. DVR for Over-the-Air TV will be available in select countries where over-the-air TV is available in 2016.