5 Reasons We’re Loving Madden NFL 16

Madden season is finally here, and we’re already devoting a ton of our free time to the gridiron. Madden NFL 16 brings brings back many of your favorite modes, like Connected Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, and The Gauntlet. On top of all that, EA Sports brought a lot of new content to the series (including those new PAT rules!). Check out some of the new features that we’re loving in Madden NFL 16.

Better QBs and Better Receivers Make for WAY Better Plays
Your options when controlling both the quarterback and receiver have expanded a lot, and it makes for a way more exciting Madden. The new roll-out option for QBs give you a movement advantage, without forcing you into a full run and losing accuracy. Receivers now have three ways to catch the ball, giving you plenty of options to make safer or more spectacular plays. You’ve even got in-game feedback that helps make you a better receiver in Madden.

In-Air Battle
All you Ball Hawk snipers, listen up: The new multiplayer catch system is a revamped way to fight for the ball, whether you’re a defender or receiver. The new system uses timing, body position, and player ratings to create more accurate outcomes when both players jump up for the ball. You’re not going to just be able to pick off Dez Bryant like he’s a chump; that guy’s got reach! But it also means that you’d better be careful around Richard Sherman, unless you like giving the ball away.

Draft Champions Brings Fantasy Football to Madden
One of the new modes in Madden NFL 16 is Draft Champions, a fantasy-football-inspired mode where players get to draft their own team and take it into the game. Draft Champions gives you multiple choice options to build out a roster of players, then puts you in a four-game gauntlet against A.I.- or human-controlled teams. It feels like a distilled version of Madden Ultimate Team, letting you enjoy the sensation of getting random packs of players and building great teams out of them… but in an experience that can be enjoyed in the space of a single evening.

The Crowds Are Realer (And Louder) Than Ever
The fans in the stands are a huge part of football games, and Madden NFL 16 has taken some great strides in improving that. In addition to the inclusion of female fans in the stands, each stadium has their own custom visual and audio elements to feel more like the real stadium experience. Homemade signs, rally flags, chants, and songs are all part of the package now, along with crowd heads tracking the ball – so they actually see you make that big play.

Madden Goes Beyond TV Broadcast Presentation
In previous years, EA Sports has put a lot of effort into mimicking TV broadcast camera angles and presentation – but Madden NFL 16 goes beyond that. It’s all still based on broadcasts, like sideline cameras and the overhead wire cam, but with angles and sweeps that traditional cameras can’t get. The new user interface also pops up 3D milestones and stats in-game, so you can get updates on your accomplishments without ever getting taken out of the game.

Madden NFL 16 is out now, for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Be sure to check out the Xbox One Madden NFL 16 Bundle for the ultimate sports game experience!