Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Introduces Gnasher Improvements and Double XP

Legions of fans have rejoined the fight for Sera since Gears of War: Ultimate Edition launched last month, and our team at The Coalition has been diligently soliciting their feedback to improve the game. This week, we released a new title update for all Gears of War: Ultimate Edition players.  The main focus of this update has been improving the consistency of the Gnasher – the iconic “Gears” shotgun – for players.

Originally, the Ultimate Edition Gnasher spread (the way the pellets from the shotgun distribute when firing) was randomized, which was based off of the way the Gnasher worked in the original Gears of War. Now, we’ve updated the Gnasher to produce the same spread each time you fire, producing a more understandable and consistent weapon than before. We’ve also fixed an issue that resulted in long range Gnasher headshots to further improve the consistency of the weapon.

For you achievement hunters out there, the achievements “This is Annex!” and “Nub Pwn3r” can now be earned in any Hill based modes – that’s King of the Hill, Annex and Blitz – and we’ve modified the requirements to suit the one round nature of those game modes in public play. We’ve also improved some of the spawns in those modes to provide a fairer and more competitive experience than before.

To celebrate the new improvements to the Hill gametypes, Double XP is active RIGHT NOW until 12pm PDT on Monday, September 28th – so get out there capturing objectives and gibbing some Locust to level up twice as fast. We definitely recommend giving Blitz, the brand new mode to Ultimate Edition, a try.  Blitz is a spin on King of the Hill that requires one player to stay in the hill to continue adding to the team’s points total.

We’ve also made a bunch of smaller fixes based on the fan feedback we’ve seen from around the community. For the full list of fixes, head on over to