5 Reasons We’re Loving LEGO Dimensions

What happens when you combine the winning formulas of TT Games’ LEGO series and the toys-to-life craze that’s sweeping the gaming public? You get LEGO Dimensions – a game that proves, right out of the gate, that it is more than the sum of its many, many, many parts. Check out why we’ve fallen in love with this quirky family game.

It’s One of the Funniest Games of the Year
The LEGO games have always been packed with humor, but LEGO Dimensions is the funniest one by far, utilizing its cast of characters extremely well. The interactions between characters from different films, shows, and games is genuinely amusing, and the voice acting – done mostly by the stars you recognize – makes it that much more entertaining.

Part of the Game Is Playing With the Toys
LEGO Dimensions knows that the fun of a LEGO set is building, dismantling, and rebuilding, and it works that into the game experience. On-screen instructions guide you to building the game’s set pieces, and optional challenges have you rearranging the sets in new combinations. It’s an added layer of interactive fun for the toys-to-life genre.

Collect Them All… Or Don’t, It’s All Good
While getting all those add-on packs may seem daunting, fear not: The entire LEGO Dimensions campaign can be beaten with just the starter pack. The add-on packs are gravy, giving you additional bonus levels… and new characters that can be used to collect the game’s many Gold Bricks and studs.

Familiar Formula Meets Epic Adventure
Being a TT Games project, LEGO Dimensions plays very similarly to the other LEGO games you know and love, but on a much grander scale. With more types of characters and a scope that goes far beyond just one film series, LEGO Dimensions is a remarkably ambitious adventure that takes the franchise (or, more accurately, lots of franchises) to awesome new heights.

It’s Just Dang Fun to Team up Scooby Doo, Batman, and Marty McFly
LEGO Dimensions plays out like a crossover fan-fiction story that you may have written when you were a kid. Or, more accurately, like how every kid plays with their LEGO sets – which is to jam them all together and pretend there’s a universe where all of your toys are best friends. It’s all the best scenes in “The LEGO Movie,” expanded into dozens of hours of gameplay.

LEGO Dimensions – along with the first wave of character and level packs – is available now on Xbox One and Xbox 360.