Xbox One is Part of the New Era of Windows 10 Devices

Earlier today, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson and members of his team appeared onstage in NYC to unveil a new era of Windows 10 devices. Myerson shared that there are more than 110 million devices already running Windows 10 and over 1.25 billion visits to the new Windows Store, and that a varied group of partners have been hard at work creating more great new devices and Windows apps.

In addition to announcing new Surface, Band, and Lumia devices and sharing the latest from Microsoft HoloLens, Myerson also discussed the latest updates from Xbox. An upcoming free update will bring Windows 10 to Xbox One, making it the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever. You’ll even be able to play some of your favorite games from the previous generation thanks to Xbox One Backward Compatibility. Combine that with the greatest games lineup in Xbox history this holiday season, and it’s clear that there’s no better time to jump ahead. Take a look at the trailer above to get even more excited for what’s next for Xbox One!

Today was a big day, so be sure to head over to the Windows Blog to read the full post that details all of the exciting Windows 10 device announcements.