Minecraft: Pocket Edition Celebrates a Year Filled with Updates

Hello everyone!

It’s been a big year for Minecraft on Pocket Edition. Earlier this year, we announced that 30 million Minecrafters are enjoying breaking and placing blocks on mobile. But we are always looking for ways that we can make Pocket Edition better than ever, and the team has been hard at work this year making all kinds of fun things for you!

So, we’ve made a special trailer to bring you up to speed on all the things you can now do with Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Here’s a sampling of all the spiffy things you can do in Pocket Edition now:

  • Upload your own custom skin, or try one from the various packs that we’ve made!
  • Ride in a boat with your doggy companion!
  • Throw things at mobs from inside your boat! (So antagonistic!)
  • Catch fish from inside your boat! Or from not inside your boat!
  • Make your old worlds infinite in size!
  • Decorate with all sorts of stone brick variants
  • Collect rotten flesh dropped from slain zombies and feed it to your dog (Gross!)
  • Drink milk to cure nastiness caused by enemy mobs
  • Play cross-platform together with friends using the Windows 10 Edition Beta
  • Gather your bravery and explore the Nether
  • Tame ocelots and start your very own in-game cat ranch
  • Build golems (Threatening!)
  • Enhance your stuff with anvils and enchantments
  • Whip up some fancy potions in Brewing Stations
  • Pick up experience and manage your hunger like the true wild survivor you are
  • Bunnies <3 (Careful, they will eat your crops!)
  • Enhance your worlds with basic redstone-powered components
  • New things to attack you! Spider Jockeys, Cave Spiders, Chicken Jockeys, and Baby Zombies
  • More passive mobs – Squids in the water and bats in the cave! (Sounds like a great metal song.)
  • Explore and discover the treasures and danger of Desert Temples!

Did you know that all those things are in Minecraft: Pocket Edition?

Haven’t gotten into Minecraft: Pocket Edition yet? Don’t worry! You can check it out for $6.99 or local equivalent on Windows Phone, iOS, android, and Amazon Underground.

Happy crafting!

PS – If you like the fun set pieces we used to make this new trailer and you have Pocket Edition on Android or the Windows 10 Edition Beta, you can download them and play with them for free. Have fun!