High-Octane Local Multiplayer Shooter Hyperdrive Massacre Now Available for Xbox One

Certain images come to mind when you say “Italy”. Gentle hills and a seaside kissed by warm sunshine, a delicious plate of seafood, maybe a glass of red wine. You get the idea. You certainly don’t think about heavily-modded muscle cars capable of spaceflight and shooting lasers, grenades and rockets! The young, Turin-based game developers at 34BigThings say that they love both in equal measure.

Hyperdrive Massacre is a local-multiplayer centered space shooter, a love letter to classic titles like Spacewar and Asteroids, enjoyed best at a frenzied pace. Reaction times, hand-eye coordination and split-second decision-making are all it takes to defeat your friends and be crowned King of the Couch. Besides shooting a wide array of neon-colored lasers, dropping mines and deflecting incoming bullets, you get to drift in a muscle car in outer space, which is pretty sweet in its own right.

“We aimed for a pick-up-and-play experience, using the classic ‘easy to play, hard to master’ holy grail of competitive game design” said Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, Lead Game Designer at 34BigThings. “You choose a game mode, a car, an arena, and within seconds you’re shooting each other. Judging by the loudness our players reach on average, we were able nail the ‘competitive’ part of the equation.”

Hyperdrive Massacre is the first console game by 34BigThings. It was announced in the ID@XBox selection at the Game Developers Conference 2015, alongside the much-awaited futuristic racer Redout from the same studio (also coming to Xbox One in the near future). With its 16 cars and 8 space arenas, 6 game modes ranging from the classic DeathMatch to Space Pong and Space Soccer, Hyperdrive Massacre joins the lineup of games contributing to the contemporary renaissance of local multiplayer.

Hyperdrive Massacre is available now for Xbox One, so be sure to check it out for yourself!