Electronic Super Joy Side image

Gleefully M-Rated Platformer Electronic Super Joy is Available Now for Xbox One

We at LOOT Interactive are thrilled to announce that Electronic Super Joy, the popular M-rated platformer, is available now for Xbox One.

Electronic Super Joy is a symphony of pixelated violence, over-the-top innuendo, and rage-inducing game design. No punches are pulled with this game: one of the boss battles pits you against the Pope, armed with nothing but rainbow missiles. And, if all that wasn’t enough, Electronic Super Joy has one of the most amazing soundtracks you’ve ever heard, from EDM artist EnV. Any ravers in here?

There are several incredible play modes to challenge you. In addition to the regular gameplay, there is timed mode, infinite runner mode, and – for the truly hardcore – a no-checkpoint mode. There’s even a PG mode for the kids and Grandma! Electronic Super Joy for Xbox One even comes with exclusive levels that will not be playable on any other console.

Electronic Super Joy is LOOT’s Interactive’s debut title on Xbox One. Electronic Super Joy is currently available, as is the amazing Hot Sticky Mess DLC pack, the first in a series of planned DLC releases. We even will have some great leaderboard challenges scheduled, beginning on launch day. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@LOOTInteractive) for all of the Electronic Super Joy news, and more!