The Living Dungeon Now Available for Xbox One

There are two of us here at Radiationburn, but that hasn’t stopped us making something pretty big, and we are elated to be unleashing The Living Dungeon upon Xbox One players.

The Living Dungeon started as a fun board game all about murdering your friends, dropping them into bottomless pits, tricking them into being squashed or incinerated, or trapping them in a room full of monsters and watching them being torn to pieces. You know, wholesome family fun. We played it with people almost every Friday for two years. Then one day someone pointed out the obvious: we should make it into a video game.

Each player chooses their skill dice but there are no hits and misses here. Roll 5 dice and be presented with 5 actions. Use those actions before time runs out, and try, really, really, hard not to die. We also added a pretty large 20+ hours story mode for those of you who like a hard tactical adventure with a bit of luck and some really challenging puzzles.

The Living Dungeon is a video game of a board game at heart, and that’s what people have loved about it so far. We’ve taken it to gaming events and watched enthusiastically as friends have gleefully murdered one another in both incredibly devious, and dumbfoundingly incompetent ways.

For more info check out our dev diary or find us on twitter(@radiationburn)