Off-the-Wall Racing Game Action Henk is Coming Soon to Xbox One

Action Henk used to be the toughest and fastest action figure back in the days, unfortunately those times are behind him, and he’s in a bit of a rut these days. It’s time for him to get back in action, and show everyone he’s still the fastest out there. We’re pleased to announce that Action Henk will be hitting Xbox One in March 2016!

The game is all about racing through short stages as fast as possible by running, jumping and butt-sliding Henk along tracks made of various toys and obstacles. The game might start off very simple, but there’s a lot of subtle tricks to the movement that’ll allow you to keep improving your scores every time you play. As a true master, you can control the physics in your favor and beat all the opponents that cross your path.

Action Henk takes place in a colorful world full of toys and 90s nostalgia, always giving you something new to look at. Along your journey of redemption you’ll run into a whole bunch of other characters that you can beat in order to unlock them.

A special new feature we’ve added for the console version of Action Henk is local multiplayer. We wanted to add this feature for a long time, and the console version seemed like a perfect opportunity to go for it. There’s nothing more fun than taunting your friends along the way and beating them in the nick of time!

We’re super excited about how Action Henk has turned out on Xbox One, and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the game in March.