Cooperative Shooter Spareware Coming Soon to Xbox One

Spareware is a cooperative top-down shooter set in a future dystopian metropolis of Helsinki. We’ve designed Spareware to be a game for people who just want a fun little shooter to play while hanging out with friends, without compromising the challenging hardcore gameplay elements. Because of the challenge, you may have to start over multiple times, but it won’t get boring thanks to our procedural world generation system with multiple different archetypes of levels.

We’ve always liked to play cool top-down shooters together and when we got the Xbox One, we didn’t find enough games from the genre. Then it hit us. We realized that we should finally do the game we’ve wanted to do for years and, for the first time, aim for consoles.

We pitched Spareware to Microsoft and they got excited about the game and thought it would fit well in ID@Xbox. And now, here we are!

Spareware will launch on Xbox One in Spring 2016. After the post-release bug fixing and polishing, we’ll be adding more content as free patches. After Spareware, we are planning on creating even more co-op games for Xbox One!

You can check out more about Spareware and Rusto at, or keep up with the latest news by following the Spareware Twitter account.