Hilarious Hack ‘n Slasher Zombie Vikings Coming Soon to Xbox One

Zombie Vikings! Yeah, that might sound like a silly name at first, but just remember Napoleon Dynamite and his Liger. You simply can’t have too much of two good things. Zombies + Vikings = total niceness!

I’m from Zoink, an indie game studio from the cold dark of Sweden. You might have heard about our previous title, Stick It to The Man, but besides zany adventure games we also love couch co-op games and this is our attempt to combine great hack ’n’ slash gameplay with our love of humor and story. Did I mention Zach Weinersmith, creator of the hit comic “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal”, is the writer of the game? He is!

In Zombie Vikings, you are sent on an insane mission to retrieve Odin’s lost eye. Odin doesn’t get much love from Thor and the other gods, so instead he is forced to resurrect a few dead Viking warriors. Seagurd, Gunborg, Hedgy and Caw-kaa are thrown into an insane road trip through Midgaard, where they’ll discover the insides of the Midgaard Serpent, fight giant troll poultry, learn how to play the ancient sport of Söcker and eat mushrooms that’ll take you to strange levels. Lots of levels! We have painstakingly painted over 25 levels with a ton of attention to detail. Each level has story side-quests and you can collect loot to unlock over 40 weapons – all with their own features. Ever fought with a sword made out of a witch’s nose? Well, with the mighty Gesundheit you will!

To create a great co-op, It’s not enough to just throw all the players onto the same screen. We want players to cooperate with each other in a few new ways. Stitch yourselves together into one giant mega-zombie, letting each player control a part of the giant. Or pick each other up with a quick stab in the butt. Since you’re a zombie, that one doesn’t hurt (at least we don’t think so). Then throw your friends as a combined attack – or why not pierce each other to form a giant tower of friends to stab a tall monster in the eye?

But don’t despair if you are out of friends to play with. If you play single-player, you’ll get your own amazing sidekick, Oink the unicorn-pig! He’s the next best thing to a real friend (unless your friend is a real unicorn, that is).

We think playing a game is not just about gameplay, it’s about diving into another world and traveling through a story. As with our previous games we put a lot of effort into our script and make sure it’s voiced with an amazing cast of actors. We actually animated 1.5 hours of cutscenes! So besides making Zombie Vikings a really fun brawler, we also want you to dive into a big, juicy and quite hilarious story.

And, to top it all off, we’ve added quite a bit of bonus content for the Xbox One release: two free DLC player characters, a behind the scenes making-of video and 5 additional versus levels. Besides all that, you can also play as Raz from Psychonauts, reincarnated as Raz-ombie.

We’ll be sharing more on Zombie Vikings very soon!