Protect Your Kingdom in Krinkle Krusher for Xbox One

Sharks, piranhas, gremlins… nothing bites harder than a Krinkle. That is because they are magic creatures, with big teeth and bottomless stomachs. They’re driven by their hunger, although they are small and bigheaded like a cute, mischievous puppy. You’ll be able to meet them starting today in our game Krinkle Krusher for Xbox One!

Do not be fooled by their looks though, as they want to bring down your kingdom! To defend it you must rely on your powerful elemental spells, cast on the field by Mitty, your magic glove.

Our team has always loved tower defense games, especially the more casual ones. Krinkle Krusher was born from the desire to create a casual, arcade-like experience in the castle defense genre. We choose to go in a medieval fantasy direction, with a lot of elemental spells and even a talking magic glove… because why not?

Instead of the classic army of enemy knights we needed something more ferocious, hungry and funny… so the Krinkles were born! These creatures come in various types, and some of them are craftier than the others. The elemental ones can eat through your spells, while others will dig tunnels in an attempt to launch a direct attack. There are also the big ones: the Krinkle bosses will require unique strategies to be defeated.

As you play, you will learn more about the Krinkles’ mysterious origin, their motivations and weaknesses. You will journey to the edges of the kingdom, facing them in different environments and at different times of day, resulting in challenging battlefield conditions. Fortunately, your arsenal will grow as you collect new spells, items and upgrades.

Krinkle Krusher is our studio’s debut title on Xbox One, and it’s available now. Get ready to “krush” those Krinkles and keep your kingdom safe!