Twin-stick Shooter In Space We Brawl Available Now for Xbox One

If you have a couch, some friends and an Xbox One, you’re already halfway toward the fun. Let us spice up your gaming nights with In Space We Brawl: Full Arsenal Edition!

Get ready for the ultimate edition of our award-winning, frantic twin-stick shooter, available right now on Xbox One with a couple of neat exclusive items.

Picture 13 colorful ships, 14 deadly and crazy weapons, 8 space arenas filled with dangers and four players sharing the mess. In Space We Brawl will test you and your friends by dropping you in the heat of the action.

First you have to pick a ship: choosing if you want to focus on speed instead of survivability, of if you’re trying to build a space-tank capable of slowly but steadily making its way through the maps. If you’re looking for something special, you could try our alien ship, which regains health points over time, or maybe pick a vessel originally engineered to move around asteroids to easily push them into your enemies.

Then you have to choose your weapon, which is where you’ll really customize your play style. Fast machine-gun? Check. Laser sword? Check. Space slingshot? Check. Energy powered flamethrower? Check. There’s something for everyone, we have more than 150 combinations!

Even the selected battlefield will add variables to your games: every region of our universe features a particular space hazard like solar winds, vicious aliens, black and white holes, indestructible asteroids and many more. You can also choose the size of the map: a smaller one will force you to face your enemies, while a bigger one will make long-range weapons shine.


The Full Arsenal edition also features unique content to celebrate the launch on Xbox One. We’re introducing two console-exclusive items that together are making an amazing combo: the Mectron is a ship with built in laser turrets that auto target nearby objects, while the Tetha Warhead is a weapon made by two additional turrets that can fire in three specific directions.

Mixing the Mectron with the Tetha Warhead, you’ll end up with five pieces of ordnance in just one combination, making yourself a real danger for other players. Watch out, though, as you’re not indestructible and your friends may devise effective tactics to put you down.

We are really excited to bring In Space We Brawl: Full Arsenal Edition on Xbox One today. Come join in the local multiplayer madness!