101 Ways to Die Hits Xbox One on March 18

101 Ways to Die is a unique new physics-based puzzler – and it’s headed to Xbox One on March 18! 101 Ways to Die is a unique game that’s full of dark humor and gore; players have to exercise their strategic planning skills, demonstrate an impeccable sense of timing, and get very comfortable with large amounts of blood and flying limbs!

The game assigns the player to the role of laboratory assistant to a crazed Professor, who – despite devoting years to scientific research – has little to show for it. His life’s work is an unsavory book focused on gore and destruction, entitled entitled “101 Ways To Die.” The Professor was certain that this tome would guarantee his scientific legacy; sadly, in the final stages of completing his work, a lab accident resulted in its near-total destruction.

The player’s role is to help the Professor recreate the book, constructing numerous ever-more-dastardly traps to kill poor, unfortunate Splatts – strange creatures also created in the lab for the purpose of aiding the Professor’s experiments. To help fulfill the Splatts’ role, the player is provided with a wide range of tools to place and control, including explosives, teleporters, spikes, conveyor belts, and cake, amongst other things. The creative placement of these traps and tools manipulates the Splatts around the Professors laboratory, before bringing about their hideous demise. It’s all in the name of re-discovering the Professor’s lethal ‘recipes,’ to complete “101 Ways to Die” once again.

The game started off as with a very dark concept: a character in a platform game becoming increasingly fed up with their infinite number of lives, wanting to find out whether different methods of dying might help them escape the game that they were stuck in. That rapidly morphed into more of a reverse-Lemmings approach with a hint of Evil Genius thrown in, with players creating death machines using tools and environmental objects. We had the original idea back in early 2013, and started development at the end of that year; the team and I had a huge amount of fun over the last few years designing the traps and the levels, as you can imagine!

We’re really excited to bring 101 Ways to Die to Xbox One next month, and to see how many creative ways players come up with to solve the 50+ levels of mayhem that we’ve created for them. Stay tuned for more information about the game as its launch approaches; you can see trailers and other information at www.101waystodiegame.com, or at @101WaysToDie on Twitter.