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The 5 Biggest Reasons We’re Loving Far Cry Primal

In our time with the Far Cry series, we’ve gone to tropical islands, Himalayan mountain ranges, and even cyberpunk futurescapes, but Ubisoft is mixing it up with Far Cry Primal. Enter the land of Oros – brimming with beasts long since extinct, where simply surviving means that you have to fight your way to the top of the food chain. Check out just a few of the reasons why we’re loving Far Cry Primal.

Prehistoric Weaponry

There aren’t any guns in the stone age, so Far Cry Primal switches things up with a slew of new weapons. You get a beehive that functions as a grenade. You can wield torches that are useful as both a light source, and as a fire-damage inducing club. And, of course, you’ve got your trusty bow – which should feel familiar to plenty of Far Cry fans!

The World of Oros

The setting for Far Cry Primal is a mystical, stone age land, full of fighting tribes and interesting characters. The Far Cry series has made its mark by taking players to far-off locales… but getting to turn back the clock and see the world before mankind took control is both refreshing and fun.

Taming Beasts

Tons of animals lurk in the untamed wilderness of Far Cry Primal, which is no surprise. But new to the series is the ability to befriend them, and turn them into your crew of attack animals. You can tame lions, smilodons, and bears – plus the most vicious of all Far Cry beasts, the badger.

Hunting Missions

During the course of Far Cry Primal, you’ll be tasked with hunting down some of the biggest, most vicious beasts in Oros. The hunting missions are some of our favorites in the game, tasking you with tracking your mark and then battling it out for supremacy.

Riding Woolly Mammoths

Much like elephants in Far Cry 4, you can climb atop the back of a much larger, and even more destructive mammoth – and it is awesome. Enemies and their base camps are no match for multiple tons of super-furry prehistoric pachyderm!

Far Cry Primal is available now on Xbox One. Wanna study up? You can learn more about the prehistoric language that the developers created for the game or get some tips on how to survive in the game’s unforgiving world.