Sniper Elite 4 Sneaks Onto Xbox One Later this Year

Did you know it’s been just over 10 years since the original Sniper Elite launched on the original Xbox? Back then Rebellion was running out of a smaller studio and Sniper Elite was an exciting new name in an era when World War Two shooters ruled the roost.

And here we are a decade later! Rebellion’s a bit bigger – quite a bit bigger actually – but we’re still in Oxford and more importantly we’re still independent and proud to announce that Sniper Elite 4 will release on Xbox One as an ID @Xbox title later this year.

It’ll be obvious from the teaser trailer above, but as card-carrying history geeks we’ve been chomping at the bit to reveal the game’s location – 1943 Italy. So yes, World War 2 shooters are very much alive and kicking! The conflict is more than a setting though, it’s fundamental to Sniper Elite’s whole design.

If you’ve yet to try a Sniper Elite game, you’ll no doubt have guessed we pride ourselves on delivering the most satisfying sniping mechanics in gaming. But the series is also built on third person stealth at its purest and most thrilling. Unlike games set today or in the future, there are no drones, no night vision and no short cuts!

We want to drop players into huge environments where they’re empowered to plan and improvise to set up that perfect kill shot that detonates a Nazi Commander’s grenade belt from 250 metres away, killing his whole squad. Alternatively, if it all goes South, you can always lure your pursuers into carefully placed trip mine before moving to the shadows and re-planning your assault.

And moving is something you’ll definitely be need to be doing in Sniper Elite 4’s huge new campaign. I’m so proud what our designers have achieved now the technical shackles are off. I’m not exaggerating when I say even the smallest levels in Sniper Elite 4 absolutely dwarf those of any previous game in the series!

Which all makes Italy such a special location for the game. Not only is Italy rarely seen in World War 2 fiction, but the Southern regions of the peninsula are as diverse as they are beautiful. From upland forests, to mountain monasteries and picture postcard fishing towns on the Mediterranean, we want Sniper Elite 4 to capture the imagination of stealth and shooter fans alike by throwing them into a living, breathing conflict against the forces of Fascism.

If you’re as excited for Sniper Elite 4 as we are, make sure to look out for more news next week as we show the game for the first time at GDC in San Francisco.

Until then, stay stealthy snipers!