Sea of Thieves is Looking for the First Fans in the World to Play the Game

In 2015, Rare Ltd. unveiled our next project, Sea of Thieves. From the get go, we saw a load of excitement from players intrigued by the prospect of being the pirate they want to be in our immersive, shared-world adventure. Since this announcement, we’ve been humbled by the number of people eager to learn more and go hands-on with the game.

As such, we’re thrilled to announce an opportunity for these excited fans to be the first people in the world to play Sea of Thieves.

Starting today and running until April 26, Rare is hosting a competition to select six fans to travel to the studio, meet the Sea of Thieves team, and be the first in the world to play the game.

For a chance at winning this all-expenses-paid adventure, we’re asking fans to create something that conveys their excitement for Sea of Thieves, and then share it with us on social media via an image or video. The more creative and entertaining the entries, the better chance fans will have at winning the contest.

Once finished, fans must share a link to their image or video with us on Twitter @SeaOfThieves, or on Facebook via, including the hashtag #SeaOfThievesContest.

For a full run-down of the rules, be sure to check out our official rules page here.

Sea of Thieves YT Tumbnail

Our team is extremely excited not just to see what Sea of Thieves fans will come up with, but for the opportunity to share this early version of our game with them. Fans, their feedback, and our relationship with them are going to be critically important for us with Sea of Thieves. Even at this stage of development, we think of our players and our fans as being the centre of everything we do. That will only become truer as time goes on.

To learn more about our contest, be sure to read our official post on the Sea of Thieves website. For questions about the competition, you can reach out directly to us @SeaOfThieves on Twitter, or at

Here’s looking forward to our adventures in 2016 and beyond.