Electrifying First-Person Puzzler The Turing Test Coming to Xbox One in August 2016

In 2014, our team started an independent games company in a tiny closet of an office, working in bars until early hours of the morning to pay rent and bills. Often working 70-hour work weeks to make sure our game could be made, it was a tough challenge but we truly had a hunger to push the boundaries of video games as a medium outside of AAA development and make a unique game like no other. That game turned out to be Pneuma: Breath of Life, our story-driven first person puzzler that was part of Xbox’s Games with Gold line up in November 2015.

Now, just over a year later, we can officially announce The Turing Test, our brand new Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person puzzler, coming to Xbox One this August. We wanted to take the aspects gamers loved about Pneuma: Breath of Life, such as the fourth-wall-breaking narrative and stunning visuals and push them further in a deeper and more polished gameplay experience in our electrifying new first-person puzzler, The Turing Test.

The Turing Test explores the phenomena of consciousness and challenges the meaning of human intuition. Take control of Ava Turing, space engineer on the International Space Agency. Progress through a narrated story of introspection and morality whilst uncovering the hidden mysteries of Europa. Push your brain with logical and methodical thinking and with puzzles constructed in a way that only a human mind could solve. In an evolving story based on mankind’s inherent need to explore, protect and survive, players delve deeper into Europa’s ice crusted core and transcend the line between man and machine.

Wrack your brain whilst discovering the truth of humanity’s research base on Europa, solving puzzles using your EMT (Energy Manipulation Tool) to transpose power out from one object and into another. Power up and take control of artificially intelligent machines, manipulate giant structures, and solve complex tasks. All of this is woven into a multi-layered story based on the human struggle for power which can only be experienced through the interactive medium of video games.

At Bulkhead Interactive, we’ve been growing exponentially to the point where we’ve now announced two games this year, The Turing Test and Battalion 1944, thanks to the success of our first title Pneuma: Breath of Life on Xbox One. We have reinvested our funds into making two new titles and we plan on keeping that trend going well into the future. All of the funds raised from the sales of The Turing Test will go directly into the budget for Battalion 1944, our WWII shooter coming in late 2017.

We want to thank all of our fans and the people at Xbox for supporting our games and helping us grow at the rate that we have. You’re in for a treat with both The Turing Test in August 2016 and Battalion 1944 later next year.